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We are so honored that you guys and gals take time to listen to our crazy podcast. It’s a scary world when people enjoy listening to four guys talk about everything from beverages, to games, to fatherhood and everyday life. You may find your ears holes screaming at you from time to time courtesy of TwoLoud (Troy), Nolxero (David), N64Josh (Josh), and Hambone (Brian). We will be here every Monday with a new Podcast for you to enjoy. Subscribe on iTunes or listen on SoundCloud!

Our Back Story: It all began when we were walking along a beach together holding hands and day dreaming of the release of Destiny. Not exactly!  It was close but not exactly like that. The reality is that for years TwoLoud and Nolxero have been having hour-long conversations about life, games, fatherhood and everything in between. From these conversations they realized that they really wanted to start a podcast. Suddenly over the horizon comes POPEBEAR. While communicating on the forums Pope asked Twoloud to join the Dads Of Destiny Clan. At that time TwoLoud saw an opportunity to provide a great growing community with the podcast show he and Nolxero had always wanted. After months of planning and brainstorming the DoD Podcast finally came to life. Just after Two Episodes POPEBEAR and Hambone joined the show. As time went on we decided that we wanted to focus on more games than just Destiny and therefore the crew created Aim Assist Gaming. POPEBEAR wanted to continue to focus on Destiny and we wished him all the best as he embarked on his new adventure. To take his place we asked N64Josh to join. Hambone and Josh have really helped to create the crazy podcast you hear today.

As we’ve grown we have expanded our operations to include twitch streams and YouTube videos. We’ve also got some T-shirts for you to peruse, with more to come on a semi-regular basis! We appreciate you supporting us with your dollars, but more than anything, we want you to enjoy the free content that we bring to you every week. We love making this stuff, we love our fans (yes, even the really crazy ones that send us all the awful emails), and we want to keep doing this for a very long time.

Aim Assist Gaming is in affiliation with and a partnered show with We shoot to provides a wide variety of podcast shows and gaming content for your heart to enjoy. Feel free to jump over and give our partners a peek! Just don’t cheat on us! #AimNation!

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