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OFFICIAL LISTENERS! Every listener (#AimAssistNation) is a major part of what we do, and without all of you Aim Assist Gaming wouldn’t be possible. If your name is listed below you are OFFICIALLY a bit “cooler” than everyone else that listens to our show! If you are NOT listed below you are still “cool” just not “cooler” than those that are! We will be announcing a new way to increase your “cool” status soon so stay tuned!

From all of us here at Aim Assist Gaming we want to give a special thanks to those that have become an OFFICIAL listener. You guys have given us the ability to take the next step in this adventure. We have something special planned for those that have become OFFICIAL listeners that we will be announcing soon, we can’t wait to share!

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Jay Crenwelge

Brian Stone

Brian Otsuki

Kevin Vybihal

William Fabian

John Rice

Seth Ginger

Robert Merrit

James Russo

Shaun Sabich

Kyle Newton

Carl Gumeson

Robert Rhodes

Sean Reeve

Ben Hickman

Andy Holman

Anthony DeFail

Geoff Estilow

Brian Zimmerman

Manuel Melkonian

Ryan Mayne-Wall

Ryan Decuir

Jason Perez

Adalid Cortes

Derek Rooney

Jason Cannings

Andrew Hannan

John Hougardy

Alden Wilkins

George Kutterna III

Tony Cappadonna

Chase Rock

Ryan Brownyard

James Boyle

Kirk Atkinson

Les Strohkirch

Aaron Visser

Cearull Horgan

Shawn Wade

Derek Sherman aka ScrapGear

Blaine Ernst

Kevin Boschult

Jason Lombardo

Gerald Allen

Michael De Asha

Jonathan Poloff

King Turk

J and L 1013

Raul Gonzalez Jr


Hector Setterfield



Joe Zola


Kris Guns

Larry Peacock

Devin Wilson


Lancia Jones

James Roberts

John Phillips

Shawn Harvey

David Kerr

Jonathan (Dust and Divine)

Angelo Palmieri

Vine Neato

Austin Carnahan

Les Strohkirch


August Oliver

P.J. Moran

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